Siberia is exceptional place on Earth being immense, magnificent, harsh and mysterious. This is the land of drastic natural contrasts, the land of inspiration. Siberia magnetizes to fly over its unique landscapes, to fly far and long - to see more!

You are invited to an adventure over the Center of Asia. It is Travel-and-Fly tour to the vasts of Khakasia, Tuva and Krasnoyarsk Territory. The hundreds of kilometers of outback country and wild nature are awaiting for you. Boundless steppes, rocky mountains, majestic rivers, dozens of fresh and salt lakes - all this is Siberia!

We offer different adventure concepts.
Just choose the one which fits best.

  • The main offer is paragliding. From cross-country flying to soaring and top-to-bottom flights - all depending on site and weather conditions. You'll visit most of siberian take-off sites and more than that, with assistance of the winch you can enjoy flying some very special places, at unusual and special time of the day.
  • Introduction to paragliding combined with great pack of activities in the deep of Siberian wild. Great opportunity to complete the basic paragliding course while traveling. What can be better than to enjoy beautiful landscapes in every training flight?
  • Touch the Siberian nature, from sightseeing to hiking and caving. The elements of air-sports will be the great addition (or maybe the main feature!) to the program. You will have the opportunity to get a touch of paragliding, kitesurfing and hot-air ballooning.
Every tour is a multi-activity event densely packed with both "aerial" and "ground" experiences. And remember - adventure is not a fixed list of scheduled activities. There is much space for improvisation depending on your preferences!