Republic of Khakasia

Wide open steppes of Khakasia with hundeds of lakes were home for siberian nomads for thousands years. There are many material witnesses of early cultures spread all over Khakasia. Remains of ancient shamanic beliefs still persist in native rituals. Steppes are dotted with places of worship, mounds and dolmens.

Khakasia is the place of unusual beauty and keen spirit. It will provide continious visual delight for your eyes and mystic experience for your soul!

Here are presented only some jewels from hundreds places of interest in Khakasia and adjacent territory.


So named both mountain range and ancient place of worship. It is assumpted to be remains of the early observatory. Near to observatory there is a site with petroglyphs and also a small museum complex.

Bele lake

Bele is a system of two interconnected lakes. It is one of the biggest lakes in Khakasia and especially interesting for difference in degree of salinity between its two parts. The lake is open to any wind direction and suitable for kitesurfing.

Ancient mounds

Khakasian steppes have thousands mounds and dolmens related to differend archeological cultures. Some of them are still used as places of worship by shamans of present time.

Paragliding possibilities

Khakasia can be called "second home" for paragliding pilots of Krasnoyarsk. There are plenty of mountains suitable for takeoff as well as very good landing options almost everywhere.

Lake Uchum

Incredible place for paragliding. "Magic air" is combined with spectacular views to any direction. Big cross-country potential to the northwest direction.

Other attractions

You will explore the amazing world of ancient culture. Look at petroglyphs several thousand years old. Feel the inspiring spirit of shamanic beliefs.