Krasnoyarsk City Area

Krasnoyarsk territory offers wide opportunities for sightseeng as well as flying. Almost every type of activity is possible in one place - paragliding, hiking, rock climbing, caving... And, of course, you have to visit many points of interest - monuments, viewpoints, historical and reliligious buildings. You will have a look at one of the most powerful hydroelectrical plants in Russia.

Also we will take a nice boat trip over Yenisey river. And you will have possibility to fly a paraglider near very beautiful spot to the north of Krasnoyarsk.

Here are presented only a few highlights of incredible Siberia you can visit during the adventure.

Stolby National reserve

The name "Stolby" is well-known far from Krasnoyarsk. This is very unique reservation territory because it is closely adjacent to urban area. Anyone can go to wilderness just by city bus! Stolby is the "mecca" for siberian climbers. Many fancy-shaped rocks have hundreds of climbing paths suitable from very beginners up to expert-skilled sportsmen.

The Yenisey river

Yenisey is the largest river system flowing to the Arctic Ocean. Near Krasnoyarsk it flows through spectacular canyon formed with limestone and granite rocks. There are several elevated viewpoints to crearly see the beauty of the great siberian river. We will use high-speed vessel to have an excursion along the Yenisey.

Historical locations

Our city have almost four hundred years history since first russian settlement here. Not so much compared to Rome or Paris but anyway there are many historical buildings representing russian architecture mainly of 19-20 centuries.

Flying possibilities

It is possible to fly near Krasnoyarsk. The best way to do it is to use the winch to launch in spectacular place near the Yenisey river. There is a possibility to make more than a hundred km in some directions or to make short track to the south to look at the city from height.

Caving in Krasnoyarsk

For those interested in underground adventures there are a lot of limestone caves near the Krasnoyarsk. From small and very easy to moderate difficulty having about 50m pitches and very narrow passages inside.