Sayan Mountains

The way from Khakasia to Tuva lies through Western Sayan mountains. Up to 1500 meters slopes are covered with boreal forest called "taiga" in Russia. There are numerous glacial lakes and fantastic peaks that can be reached by hiking trails.

Stone Town

This is the place in Ergaki Park with many bizzarre-shaped rocks and boulders. There are more than 60 ready-to-climb pitches for any level of climbers.

Svetloe lake

This lake is well-known for the spectacular views of the highest peak of Ergaki ridge - Zvezdniy (same as Star Peak in English). The lake is very popular camping place and staring point for many routes.

Parabola peaks

Also called "Two Brothers" Parabola is the main attraction point to tourist and especially photographers. Its unique geometry inpires to dream about supernatural processes leaded to emerging of this form.


Waterfalls are usual points of interest of mountain regions. Sayan is not an exception. Many beautiful waterfalls await for you to have a look of even take a cold shower :)

Flora and Fauna

July is the beginning of summer in Sayan mountains. Many colorful blossoms flourish and cover highland meadows. You have a chance to meet birds and animals while just go out from the car!