Tuva Republic

Tuva is the land of contrast. Its landscapes vary from arid steppes to snowy mountain peaks. Many people of this land still lead a nomadic way of life. They live in traditional yurts and move over the steppe while herd their herds.

Tuva is quite isolated. It is connected to other russian territories only by two roads and domestic airline. Aside from roads lies sparsely populated country. The country of wind and freedom.

The most of Tuva territory is hard to reach by convenient transport. We will travel the path along the Yenisei river surrounded by spectacular hills and mountains.


This is a town close to the border between Krasnoyarsk Territory and Tuva. The major attraction here is paragliding. Nature offers here a combination of both flatland and mountain conditions allowing for very interesting flight tactics. And of course the flight will be packed with unmatched visual experience!


One of the popular flying direction from Turan. For more than half of the distance the path is accompanied by the sharp ridge offering reliable thermal triggers. Many mound dot the steppe below. There is a road through the valley which makes retrieve convenient.


This is the ethnocultural complex situated in Yenisey valley. Aldyn-Bulak is a must-visit place fore every guest of Tuva Republic. You will have opportunity to spend a night in national tuvin yurts and taste unique local food. The place is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and is filled with ancient spirit and harmony.

Through Tuva by the road

There is a possibility to drive through the large part of Tuva by car. Through the wide Yenisey valley and two high-altitude mountain passes. The opening views are immense and stunnung. This is the home of ancient cuture remaining almost untouched for thousands years.

Landscapes of Tuva

You'll see many beautiful shallow lakes and almost dry rivers. Rocky ridges and distant snowy peaks of Sayan Mountains. Aerial panorama will surely impress you and provide a source of inspiration...