We would like you to soak up the vibe of Siberian wilderness and offer mobile camping during most of the trip. Grass instead of carpet and wind instead of air-con. But of course we know how it is important to have a good rest after a good flight when a new adventurous day is coming.
So we do our best to provide you most of comfort possible away from civiization:
  • roomy tents with thick mats and warm sleeping bags
  • showers and washbasins with hot water
  • canteen - yes! we will cook for you! including best fresh trout steaks, charcoal baked potatoes and many other delicious foods
  • toilet (nobody talks about it. but we all need it ;) )

Some days we will stay at hotels and resorts - depending on the program. Most of the time we'll have breakfast and evening barbeque at the campsite. Lunch and/or dinner is convenient to have at local cafes. If you are vegetarian, allergic to some food, please, specify it - we will make a plan for you.

We will provide all the transportation during the trip, including lift to the take-off and retrievals on the cross-country records ;)