Paragliding Adventure

You will fly over the most beautiful places in Siberia. We will visit many local take-off sites. Active hydraulic winch will be available at scenic flatlands with no launchable hills. So you'll get the maximum coverage of spectacular landscapes.

It is hard to overestimate the potential of cross-country flying in Siberia. Average speed and long period of thermal activity allows to make 100-150km distances, sometimes even more then 200 km. As the flying generally happens in the flats, it is not very demanding to the pilot’s skills. Slopes are friendly and huge grassy fields for landings almost everywhere.

Our life is not only about paragliding, eh? The trip includes a vast range of activities, which allows to know Siberia deeper, and makes you busy in nasty weather. There're lots of hiking paths in the National reservation areas, where you can meet with a real wild nature (now you can know for sure - if there's bears walking in the streets ;) here).

Having your sunrise coffee at the top of the most inscrutable rocks in between of the pristine forests is the best reward for getting up early. If you are keen for rock climbing or caving - there's also plenty of picturesque spots for any level of climbers.

Steppes of Eastern Siberia are rich in local traditions and works of ancient art. Local food, most interesting museums of local culture and heritage, overview of interesting signs remained from Soviet era - who can tell you better then former USSR citizens? We know and love our country no matter what. So we can give you a deep look back to the history and help you to understand what is called "Russian soul" (which is not understandable :) ).

And for the icing on the cake is a hot-air balloon flight. We are happy to welcome adventurers to join the world of aeronautics. As paraglider pilots you have seen the trees from the top many times, for sure. But did you ever pluck a leaf or cone from the very top of it?