If you’ve decided that you want to fly on your own, we offer great opportunity to combine learning paragliding with travelling new places. 

The introduction day allows you to get the basic skills to enjoy kiting your glider, make your first few flights on the training hill, and help you get a good feel for the sport. We will provide all the neccesary equipment (glider, harness, helmet, and radios).

If you feel motivated enough to continue - then during our basic course program you will be able to fly solo without direct instructor supervision (with certain limitations). It's a fun and safe path to get out and start enjoying nature the way the birds do.

  • The head instructor at Airsiberia, Pavel Makarov, has been teaching paragliding and kiting since 1994. We are proud to say that our instructors and even our students win international competitions in different countries.

    Safety is the key to progress.

  • This activity is intended for those not decided to get into paragliding yet. You will get a touch of what it is, discover the feeling of flowing air under the glider, find a lot of fun inside of paragliding.

    The Introduction Day program includes:

    • Safety information.
    • Overview of a paraglider.
    • Groundhandling.
    • Tandem flights. Instructor will give you controls of the glider for maximum possible time.
    • Solo flights (2-3 flights, optional) under instructor supervision.

    The program may be divided for 2-3 days instead of one depending on weather conditions.

  • The Basic course is indended to last through all the time of the tour. You will be occupied in the morning and evening time in days with suitable weather. The course includes:

    • All the necessary information and explanations about safety on the ground and in flight, paraglider construction, terminology, piloting, aerodynamics basics, brief introduction to weather and aerology.
    • Groundhandling.
    • Tandem flights. Instructor will give you controls most of the flight time.
    • Solo flights completing excercises under instructor supervision.